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Product keywords: molecular sieve, zeolite, porous materials, oxygen generation, VPSA, VOC, denitration, lithium sieve, honeycomb, wheel, drum, catalysis, adsorption, lithium salt dehydration, titanium silicon.
Product Overview: A high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of new molecular sieves, catalysts and adsorbents used in the fields of coal chemical industry/petrochemical industry/environmental protection.

ZSM-5 has many unique properties on the part of chemical composition, crystal structure, along with physical and chemical properties. Therefore, in a lot of organic catalytic reactions, it shows excellent catalytic performance. It has been more and more widely used in industry, such as application for diesel oil hydrodewaxing catalyst and fixed bed catalytic cracking catalyst. Fluid bed catalytic cracking reaction FCC catalyst addition ZSM-5 molecular sieve has great benefits for increasing the octane number of gasoline and increasing the olefin content of gas. In addition, ZSM-5 is a shape selective catalysis widely used in chemical industry, such as application for diethylbenzene catalyst and xylene isomerization catalyst. Moreover, a high silica ZSM-5 molecular sieve is used an extraction of organic compounds from water in environmental protection. In particular, our specific Nano ZSM-5 is a key component of the MTP catalyst, which has been successfully applied to the coal chemical process.

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