◆ Good material, good life


◆ Best partner in the field of high-end adsorption and catalysis


Customer focus ◆Best team win

◆Innovation drives the future ◆Endless improvement

Core Values

Core Values

Customer focus  :◆ quality, delivery time, cost, innovation; ◆ customer satisfaction is daily management; ◆ listen to the market


Innovation drives the future:◆ market driven; 24 h "mixer" research and development; ◆ innovation is not only technology but also a process, service... ◆ small ideas, great wisdom


Best team win:◆ employees are the company's greatest wealth, respect our employees; ◆ integrity, pragmatic, efficient and win-win; ◆ focused and results-oriented, everyone should be responsible for the team; ◆ don't blame each other, find the root cause together and solve it


Endless improvement:◆ change will only get faster; ◆ there is no such thing as "perfection". ◆ "empty cup" mentality

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Official Accounts

Official Accounts

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