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Product keywords: molecular sieve, zeolite, porous materials, oxygen generation, VPSA, VOC, denitration, lithium sieve, honeycomb, wheel, drum, catalysis, adsorption, lithium salt dehydration, titanium silicon.
Product Overview: A high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of new molecular sieves, catalysts and adsorbents used in the fields of coal chemical industry/petrochemical industry/environmental protection.

Beta molecular sieve is a successful research in 1967 by Mobil Corporation of the United States. It belongs to the cubic crystal system and contains high density crystal defects. It is the only high silica zeolite in the world with a three-dimensional twelve-membered ring channel structure. Its chemical composition is: Nan[AlnSi64-nO128], where n≤8, Beta can be used for low pressure hydrocracking, hydroisomerization, dewaxing, cracking, aromatization, olefin or aromatic isomerization, hydrocarbon conversion (eg methanol conversion to hydrocarbons) etc. In recent years, it also has application in the field of automotive exhaust purification. We can produce Beta molecular sieves of different size kinds and various silica-alumina ratio.

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